paint car preparation

Expert surface prep, perfect color match, and quality paint application

Tony Lewis is known for quality custom painted cars for decades. He also provides exact color match for your car using computer color matching and top automobile paint suppliers.

After the body work is completed, cars are meticulously sanded. A smooth even surface beneath the paint allows the mirror-like quality we love. Areas that are not to be painted such as glass areas are covered and taped over. All painting is done in a dust-free, OSHA and EPA approved paint booth. In addition to paint, most cars also get a “clear coat” that protects the paint job from damage from ultraviolet rays. It also reduces minor scratches and abrasions.

Notice in the image to the right how only the “hatch back” is not covered. Most accidents only require a few body parts to be replaced, which keeps insurance premiums down. All of the rest of the car is covered to protect against overspray. Once painted and “clear coat” is applied if needed, the repainted part will perfectly match the rest of your car. painting SUV hatch back

Custom Paint

From pin striping, to company logos, to complete coverage with a custom color, let Tony Lewis painting experts make your vison a reality. Restoring classic cars and making sports cars fly while parked is our passion. As far back as the 1970s, Tony Lewis painted cars have been winning trophies and admiration. You do not have to settle for a magnetic sign on your company car! Promote your brand with a professional paint job from Tony Lewis.



Funny car painted by Tony “back in the day”