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These are the new Volkswagen models’ names

    These are the new Volkswagen models' names

    Volkswagen has registered multiple trademarks with the German Patent and Trademark Office, indicating the names of up to five impending models. The trademark applications for Tivas, Tyber, Therion, Teria, Tarokko, and Taroko were discovered by CarBuzz. In each instance, filings were made under categories 12, 28, 35, and 37 (Nice classification).

    These categories include construction vehicles, diversions, toys, video games, and advertising. VW is merely assuring that another manufacturer cannot use a vehicle’s likeness without paying licensing fees; there’s nothing unusual about filing in these categories.

    Only two of the trademark applications, Tarokko and Taroko, are vaguely familiar. Volkswagen’s Tarok pickup vehicle concept stunned the world in 2018, but it was never put into production. VW may have changed its opinion and the name of the vehicle due to the increasing competitiveness of the compact pickup truck segment.

    Why abandon the Tarok designation? Well, because it is foolish. Tarok is a card game with roots in the Renaissance, though it is still played with Tarot cards today. However, adding a “o” completely alters the connotation. It is most likely a reference to China’s Taroko National Park. The term also means “beautiful” in the language of an indigenous group that once inhabited the area. Volkswagen probably registered for Tarokko in the event that Taroko is rejected because it is already a famous national park.

    Will Volkswagen produce a compact pickup? Due to its partnership with Ford, the company may already have everything in place. The brand-new Amarok is a Ford Ranger with a more refined exterior, and it is manufactured alongside the Ranger in South Africa. The query is whether Ford would allow Volkswagen access to the incredibly successful Maverick.

    The replacement of the South American Saveiro pickup is imminent, and the partnership with Ford could significantly reduce costs. And as we all know, Volkswagen is on a mission to reduce costs.

    The remaining names have been submitted for crossovers and SUVs, assuming VW’s standard naming convention. These models’ names always begin with a T. There are exceptions, such as the Atlas, known in other regions of the world as the Teramont. Tiguan, Touareg, Taos, Tavendor, T-Cross, and Tharu are examples.

    Volkswagen is also known to draw inspiration from a variety of sources, including the wind (Passat, Polo, and Scirocco), Latin (Arteon), and Greek mythology (Eos, Atlas, and Phaeton).

    According to our investigation, Tivas has no significance. It is commonly used as an acronym for Totally Implantable Venous Access System, but we cannot imagine Volkswagen naming a vehicle after a blood transfusion device. Tyber is a popular boys’ name that is essentially an alternate spelling of Tiber. The watercourse Tiber is named for the Greek deity Tiberinus.

    Therion is the most belligerent of these names. It is the Greek word for a wild animal or beats, but it can also refer to the constellation that the ancient Greeks called Lupus. If Volkswagen constructs an SUV with the maximum 1,700 horsepower the new Scalable Systems Platform can provide, it should use this moniker.

    Teria has multiple definitions. It is a common name in Austria that signifies “freedom and joy.” Most of us recognize it as a suffix that signifies a self-service establishment, such as a cafeteria.

    Can we soon anticipate to see all of these names on automobiles? It is more likely that VW is acquiring all the cool-sounding words that begin with the letter T. Once it becomes completely electric, it will likely abandon the ID naming scheme and return to traditional car names. The ID.4 of the next generation could be dubbed a Tyber, for instance.

    However, we believe the Tarokko and Taroko names have potential. VW can either utilize its partnership with Ford or share with another VW Group manufacturer. We are aware that Scout is developing a compact electric pickup…